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Hello Guys !

I just have a few updates to share, although their details aren't exactly tiny.
This is just kind of minimal details, and some thanks for friends too for being really awesome and supportive ; _ ; /

Tomorrow is my last day working for part time or full time work before surgery, I kind of feel that things are really becoming more 'real'. I'm not sure how else to put it, other than that because I have a tendency to shove everything to the back of my head, and worry about it when it becomes present. My surgery is October 14th, so I've given myself 2 weeks of preparation time.

I am having an open operation, it's called a Transhiatal Esophagectomy. There's many ways to doing an esophagectomy, some of which are laproscopic ( inevasive ), and open kind, which is the same methods, but you have more scars, and longer recovery process. After surgery I won't be able to eat a lot of things until 6 months later at best, so it's a gradual process of getting things you want to have back.

I was no longer legible for inevasive methods, so my hospital stay will definitely be longer, as well as my overall recovery being more challenging. Due to my age though, I hope that things will work in my favor very soon in post recovery.

I am aware of how serious waking up from surgery can get, and right now I'm spending a lot of time trying to prepare myself. Your body gives you a lot of involuntary actions, anywhere from trying to throw up, to coughing constantly. You have to stop these responses quickly, otherwise you might open a wound or other things arise from it. I am not unfamiliar with doing that, but I just know it's a pain and I hope to manage it very quickly orz

I am also expected to lose a lot of weight post surgery. It will be weird to see myself as my normal size again. I recently got PCOS, and so I ended up gaining weight, so being back to my normal again will be a bit relieving, and hopefully I don't fall too much under it either.
I also get a few tubes, and they still are my biggest reluctance. But I'll do what I have to do, and that's just how it is @ v @;;

So yeah, I'll be around for about 2 more weeks! then off to surgery and recovery I go.
I don't even know the time of surgery, since they call you on the day before with it. It's definitely a weird thing, since I'm so used to having all the details prior to, kind of thing.
Thanks for sticking around with me though.

Also thanks to my online friends for helping me out this week when I got really overrun by details kind of ended up ranting a lot, and I appreciate your support ; _ ; / I'll do my best to be strong for the ordeal !

I hope everyone has a nice week * v * sorry for the massive update though ;;; 
ignore pls 
The Clow : The Earthy by Amethystheart14
The Clow : The Earthy
For the group :iconthe-clow: ~

But yes come check us out * - * / 

// will most likely edit this more when my brain works a bit tomorrow AHAHA because it's totally 4am--
// whispers also thanks to rein for catching derp errors -- 

Name:  Shreya
the melon
Age: 22
Gender : Female
Height + Weight : 5'3 / 125lbs

Faction : The South
Title : The Earthy
Weapon : Jade
Weapon Type: Staff


Calm | Disciplined | Knowledgeable | Indecisive | Hesitant | Nervous

Shreya is strangely a calm individual, even in times of crisis. She's revered for her patience with others, and is often seen to rarely scold, or be angry with others. Although, if she knows the person well enough, and they're being a bit of a dolt, she will lecture them, but it usually requires a large effort to bother her.  When given an extremely serious situation, she's presented with a rather ill-temper, due to being rather protective of the innocent.

She tries to use her best manners and speak somewhat casually with others.  She prefers to be precise with her words, or not over complicate things as it's not necessary. She rather not involve herself in problems, but she's more than capable in dealing with them, or presenting assistance to those who are in need of it. She's also not quick to judge, leaving her often at an indecisive manner if the situation calls for a decision.

She's often too hesitant to cause problems, or be in others way, often being dismissed as unassertive, but this is often not the case. She likes to think her situations through fully before becoming to a decision, often regarding to hefty situations. Other than that, she's pretty straightforward, and is only hesitant when it involves others and their feelings. At times she is easily nervous due to her hesitant nature, often second guessing herself. She does prove to be confident later on with the help of Clow Reed.


Being born an only child, Shreya was raised in a normal family setting. Her parents were quite old by the time she was born, since they had helped defend their community throughout the war plagued years. When they had retired from the fields, they were able to start with their small family.

One unfortunate day while she was 11 years old, the war had sprung just outside their village.  This caused a lot of people to flee, and seek new residence.  A lot of the town elders stayed behind to allow younger life to carry on their legacies. Since her parents had experience on the battlefield as either defense or assistance, they chose to hold ground at their older village. Sadly, her parents were among these few who chose to defend the fleeing town members, and resulting in their untimely death.

Shreya was saddened, and a bit frustrated with the situation that had happened. However, she was also intrigued by her parents courageous actions, she hoped to help defend others too. Although her standpoint towards the wealthy, and the royalty wasn't considered great, she wouldn't deny them assistance if she saw them being attacked on paths. One year later, the war had finally ended, and a magic circle had appeared in a main city. She wasn't fond of fighting, nor war, but was willing to defend, or be a defense source if another would ever occur.  She heard rumors of a man restoring the kingdom, but it seemed all too surreal for someone to place such an effort in a broken place.

Shreya had decided to travel at the age of 14, wanting to learn more of the region she was born in, but was also curious of the magic circle that had appeared two years before. During her travels, she finally went to the main city that was bit more developed than she thought. She wandered in awe, eventually wandering into a merchant area.

There she saw one of the younger merchants who was bragging of his business and that poor people were too lazy and that it was easy to make money. She was standing by, previously and taking note of some the less fortunate in the area around them. When they younger man spoke louder, clearly aiming his commentary towards them, she chose to intervene since he was being awfully inconsiderate. In a fit of anger, while she stomped over towards the stand, she caused a small rattle without realizing it. The man happened to run a watermelon stand, and the small quake caused one of the heavier melons to fall on the merchant's foot.  

From afar, there was the black haired man, known as Clow Reed who happened to be among the crowd who was eavesdropping the argument, and had taken note of the shaking stand. The man began hoping around, holding his foot in agony. Shreya felt flustered to where the situation had gone, although not realizing what she had done, she left the scene quickly in fear that she would get in trouble.

She had eventually made her way into a quieter part of down, sitting under a tree, minding her business as the daytime heat passed over. Poking the grass beneath her, she saw a pair of feet stop not so far in front of her, causing her to look upward. Taking note of the well kept, and intricate clothing, she felt a twinge of anxiety, wondering why the man stood there. She thought back to when she had fought with the merchant, beginning to wonder if she was in trouble. She looked at the man warily, but the first thing she could recall about him was that he had a kind and genuine expression. 

It surprised her that he took a seat nearby, and asked her of her opinions from before, stating that he had seen her argument with the street merchant.As she expressed the want for equal rights, not wanting people to be constantly fighting, and help defend others. Getting a bit carried away with some compassion over the topics, she quickly made a few apologies, since he seemed to be a man of importance and rather not waste his time. She was assured otherwise, and was strangely offered to accompany him in his travels, as he had common goals, and saw potential in her for creating a difference. 

Shreya wouldn't know that this eventually would lead her to be a general, and learn to hone her magical and defensive skills for the future. Accepting the offer that Clow Reed had given her, lead to her joining of the army. 

Likes + Dislikes:

+  most foods, especially watermelon.
+ forest areas
+ rainy days

- sunburn
- dancing ( too embarrassed-- )
- spiders ( although having lived outdoors often, she still hates spiders-- )

Additional :

- Loves to hear of cute romance stories.
- her temper used to cause her to release her power unintentionally, but it was very minimal and usually went unnoticed.
- She is easily flustered.
- Often lives near the city, just in the forested areas, usually travelling through the city if she's going to visit somewhere.
- Has a somewhat more serious tone when it comes to serious situations.

Relationships: ( some details tba)
Huan  ( The Windy ) -
Hakuto ( The Watery ) -

- Usually good with lit. rp
- good via dA notes usually!

She has a voice sample ish.
From clip sections : 0:53 to 1:25 are more accurate for where I'd imagine her voice to sound like?? ; 7 ; sdhfkasdf…
net is dead for most of night ; v ; THANKS FOR VISITING ANYWAYS--- sdfhsdfdf
might try again tomorrow--
Sailor Moon by Amethystheart14
Sailor Moon
again because why not 8D I was watching the new re-runs of Sailor Moon Crystal, and I'm loving it so far. minus the doritos face shapes

I wanted to draw Usagi better so I did it all over again another time. I know I've done it before, but it's always like a changing process with my art style. I won't always be consistent one convention to the next, or like 6 months later for all I know.

But I'm done with art spam 8D See everyone this weekend at Athon!

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