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Submitted on
February 11, 2012


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Top Bird

Form: ( Please fill this out when sending the note.. it makes it easier for me to understand c: )
Once noted, we will negotiate the commission and I'll add you to the list c: I'll also send you a sketch inbetween the processes to ensure you like it before I line. During this time, you may send half of the payment, then the other half once you approve of the sketch. Depending on the type of commission, the time of completion may vary.
Amount you are Paying:
What are you commissioning?
Other Comments:

Things I will do:</b>
- Women
- Original Characters
- Fanart characters
- Males. ( Chibis, and Upper bodies are improved so far * A * )
Things I have issues drawing with but will do </b>
- Certain positions/perspectives. ( ask for more info )
- Backgrounds
Things I will not do: </b>
- Anthro
- Mecha
- Porn/hentai

- If I feel that I cannot do your commission, I have the right to decline it.
- I also tend to take a while to complete commissions for quality reasons. Please be patient. If you're wanting it done by a specific date, let me know! c:

-------- Examples: ---------
- You cannot combine money and points to buy a commission.

If you are wanting me to design you a character, please give me an idea of what you're looking for, otherwise  I don't know what you want, I can't guarantee that you'll like it. ( this will also require an extra 3 dollars/240pts)

:bulletpurple:Chibi Designs
:bulletred:Chibi : $ 3 CAD/USD $5 for Couples ( 240pts each, 400pts for couple)
:bulletblue:More Matured: White-Pearl Ribbon by Amethystheart14
:bulletblue:More Chibi like : Koishi Keychain by Amethystheart14 Angel keychain by Amethystheart14
:bulletblue:Other styles: Flandre Scarlet Keychain by Amethystheart14

:bulletpurple:Normal Commission Types:
:bulletred:Full Body:  $12 CAD/USD   ( 960pts)
2 Full bodies = $22 CAD/USD ( 1760pts)
( Extra $ 10 dollars per full body)
The one without a name.. yet. by Amethystheart14
Sakuya Complete - Poster Animethon2012 by Amethystheart14
Computer Gijinka by Amethystheart14

:bulletred:Knees up: $7 CAD/USD ( 2+ chars = $ 5 dollar increase) (  7 = 560pts, 5 = 400pts)
Happy Valentines Day Everyone! by Amethystheart14

:bulletred:Waist up:  $5 CAD /USD ( 2+ chars = $3 dollar increase) ( 3= 240pts  5 = 400pts)
SeeU by Amethystheart14
AT Dremr-kun and 2 Kiribans by Amethystheart14

:bulletred: Headshot - $3 dollars ( 240 pts) ( 2+Chars - 3 dollar increase, or 240 increase.)
Necromancer by Amethystheart14

Skin made by fantasy-alive
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